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  1. PLEASE send out an advisory to northern-state AARP, senior safety groups, tourism agencies, media/TV/social media etc… and advise them to issue a warning for retired, RV’ing seniors (aka Snowbirds) NOT to go into Mexico for pharmaceuticals, medical procedures, alcohol and partying! During Oct-March… many northern state (& Canada) Snowbirds travel south to CA, AZ and TX towns that border Mexico to spend the winter and drive/walk-across border entry points to spend $$$$’s in Mexico. Not only are seniors at-risk of being a crime victim in Mexico, but also the medicines and medical procedures (dental, vision, chelation etc) are fraudulent, unsanitary and diseased. When seniors give Mexico $’s for products and services, Mexicans think ALL Americans are wealthy, so Illegals are enticed to come to America to scam people. For example, Yuma AZ’s population TRIPLES from Oct-Mar from wealthy Snowbirds living in an RV resort (or a Yuma home) then going into Mexico to spend LOTS of $’s. This suggestion is just another way to BOYCOTT Mexico!

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