Know Your Enemy

obama flips the birdWe must ask who and why is someone trying to destroy America. How: endless wars that kill and maim our best and brightest, infanticide of American children, mass 3rd world immigration, gangs, disease, illegal drugs, outsourcing, insourcing, unfair trade agreements, the devaluation of the dollar, Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities

ICE: 124 illegal immigrants released from jail later charged in 138 murder cases

Obama administration released 134,000 criminal aliens

Catholic Church Paid $79 MILLION By Obama Administration To Force Migrant Invasion

Obama Made It Easier To Get A Visa, At Risk To Border Security

Obama Gave Over 1,500 Terrorists Asylum in US, Documents Reveal

Obama Launches Campaign to Naturalize 9 Million Immigrants

Obama Admin. Naturalizing 36,000 Immigrants In One Week

Obama Push For Immigrants to Become Citizens — Before Election…

Obama’s DHS Kept Secret the Release Of Violent Criminal Illegals

Obama Masks Full Costs of Illegal Alien Surge

Rep. Matt Salmon urges Obama to stop releasing criminal illegal aliens

Obama’s DHS Failing at Primary Task by Releasing Illegal Alien Criminals

Obama’s DOJ sues Eugene, Oregon, for asking police officer job applicants about their citizenship status, intending to exclude non-U.S. citizens

Texas Sheriffs: Criminal Aliens Have Free Rein Under Obama’s Policies

Raymond Ibrahim: Obama ‘Modifies’ U.S. Oath of Allegiance According to Islamic Law

121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama regime

The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement

Obama Orders Illegals Admitted Into Military