Police Officer John Williamson

New York City Housing Authority Police Department, New York
DOD: Friday, October 8, 1993

Officer John Williamson was killed when someone threw a 30 pound bucket of spackling compound off of the roof of a six story building onto his head as he was getting into his cruiser. He had responded to the scene to assist other officers who were being attacked by several area residents.

The suspect fled to the Dominican Republic but was extradited and charged with murder. The jury acquitted him of murder but found him guilty of manslaughter.

Officer Williamson had been with the agency for four years and was survived by his fiancee, parents, and siblings.

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I was working the night of 10/08/93 and responded to the 10-85 forthwith over the air. There was a parking enforcement detail on the scene validly removing triple parked livery cars. There was a mini-riot of about 300 locals. The officer in the detail put out a 10-85 forthwith over the air and I responded. I jumped in a sector car that was heading there because I was on foot that night. Back then it was a lot more dangerous than now. I got there and it was complete bedlam. We were able to clear the crowd out to the point where it was calm. However, an illegal alien by the name of Pedro Gil climbed to the roof of 501 West 175 Street, looked over the edge, saw Officer Williamson standing with a couple of other officers getting ready to get back in his vehicle, and Pedro Gil launched a 40 pound bucket of spackle off the roof, landing right on the officer’s head. The crowd cheered wildly in approval.

After a 2 week intensive manhunt, the best detectives in the world were able to apprehend Gil who naturally had fled to the Dominican Republic. Although this site says the perp was convicted, he was acquitted of murder. He was convicted of manslaughter. The jury said that the police could have handled the situation better, so of course the perp walks. That’s what happened that night out there.

God Bless you, John.

Captain Andrew DeStefano
March 30, 2010

Read more: http://www.odmp.org/officer/reflections/555-police-officer-john-williamson/25#ixzz3kM8MxfQl