Sex Offenders

Alien Arrested for Child Rape in NC…

Previously Deported Child Rapist Caught Sneaking into Texas

Feds Won’t Detain Illegal In Hammer Attack And Rape

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Illegal On Probation Sex Assaulst Old Woman, Beats Her

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Alleged Child Molester Kept DACA Amnesty Despite Risk Designation

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Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Escaping Deportation, Not Having to Join Sex Offender Registry

ICE freed sex offenders, often without notifying states

Sex Offenders Avoid Deportation…

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Iraqi Refugee Charged In Sex Assault of 14-Year-Old MI Girl…

Illegal Alien from Mexico Arrested for Kidnapping, Raping 13-Year-Old…

Illegal alien kidnapped, assaulted missing 13-year-old

One-month old infant raped and murdered by illegal alien

Illegal Alien Here For One Month, Has Already Raped a 10-Year-Old Girl

13-year-old girl brutally raped by 10 illegal immigrants

Illegal alien rapes puppy – Suspect felt there was no problem, claiming animal was his to abuse

Border Patrol posts long list of apprehended sex offenders…

Illegal immigrant sex offenders released into Seattle neighborhoods…

Illegal charged with child pornography tells judge: ‘Just deport me’…

Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Living In Memphis Neighborhoods…

NY girl ‘barbarically’ raped by teen gangsters from El Salvador…

Feds detain Mexican illegal alien sex offender

Illegal alien from El Salvador who raped teen, left baby in toilet gets 50 years

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Honduran illegal alien attempted rapist faces at least 7 years in prison before deportation