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Illegal carjacks two women in three days — one just minutes after his release!

Report: Every Deported Illegal Household Saves Taxpayers $700k+

Muslim “Breaking of the Crosses” in Syracuse, NY as Catholic Church converted to mosque

Birth tourism: 71% of illegals with kids collect welfare…

Censorship claim: Facebook bans reports on illegals taking jobs from Americans

Arizona Sheriff Says Mexican Drug Cartels Control American Soil

Ravages Of Mexican Heroin Addiction Haunt Friends, Families And Whole Towns

The muslim invasion of Europe and America

Judge orders prompt release of immigrant children from detention…

VIDEO: Cartel Smugglers Scale Border Fence with Drugs

Obama’s DHS Kept Secret the Release Of Violent Criminal Illegals

Tennessee: Chattanooga woman fired for criticizing jihad murderer and his family

Obama Mask Full Costs of Illegal Alien Surge

Rep. Matt Salmon urges Obama to stop releasing criminal illegal aliens

Previously Deported Illegals Caught Smuggling Thousands of People Across Border

Illegals tortured other illegals in TX…


Immigration Attorney: ‘Anchor Babies’ Now Big Money Business in US, $99,000 per Sale

Feds Hide Fiscal Details About Vast Operation To Resettle Illegal Alien Minors…

Ten states and District of Columbia issue drivers licenses to illegals…

Muslim arrested for online threat to UC Santa Cruz

Obama’s DHS Failing at Primary Task by Releasing Illegal Alien Criminals

Why So Many Chinese Secret Agents In US?

West Virginia Muslim arrested for threatening to blow up Statue of Liberty

MEXICAN CARTELS RUN AZ DESERT… 70 Miles Inside Border… America Doesn’t Have Operational Control of US Territory…

Texas Woman Shot in Mexico After Dentist Appointment

Limbaugh: Influx of Illegals into U.S. Not Immigration Issue — Invasion, Refugee Issue

Mexican Illlegal Alien Skips Court After Allegedly Smashing Toddler’s Limbs